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Audi CD Changers for A4 (Delta) and 100 cheap

Hey all, I'm still off the list, but heard about this great deal and thought I
would pass it on to you all.  In the new edition of the Quattro Quarterly,
there is an Eurospec ad that has advertised a CD changer for the Delta radio
for only $350 (for A4s built from early '98 and before), and that is a real
good deal from what I've heard.  It also has an ad for a 10 disc CD changer
for the Audi 100 (doesn't say what year or body style) for only $250.

The company is Eurpspec, and their number is (408) 848-4203.

Time to pack for the honeymoon, see you all next weekend.

  /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Parker-Long)
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