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Re: 5ktq...batt keeps dying!

On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Pcarselle wrote:

> Todd Phenneger wrote:
> Todd:
> I have not followed the thread completely but would comment as follows:

	Well thanks anyhow.  Nice post.  Some of this I knew, some I did
not.  I have a few questions though.

> 2.- The 14.5 volts that are referenced to are "peak values", the
> rectified sinusoidal wave from the alternator drops to zero between
> cycles, and when a level below battery voltage is reached (in every
> cycle) the battery discharges.

	I thought alternators were DC meaning no Sine Wave pattern of
peaks and dips in voltage.  Is this only from Battery you get true DC.

> 7.- When adding load to the alt/batt combination it should be considered
> that only when the alternator cycle is above 12v. the battery will
> charge, but  below the 12v, (in every cycle)the battery discharges, if
> the external load requires more current during that portion of the
> cycle, than the current that entered the battery during the cycle time
> above 12v. then the battery would slowly loose charge.

	So a 90 amp Alternator "Averages" 90 amps but may peak at 180 and
go as low as 0 inbetween Cycles?  Or is 90 amp the PEAK available at top
of sine wave.

> 8.- If the battery is severely discharged, and substantial loads are
> connected, then Mr. alternator maybe strained and mr. coil o mr. diodes
> can suffer. (Alt. belt should be in good shape !!!)

	WHat diodes.  BTW, if Alternator is over strained then Alt.
Voltage indicator whould show it wouldn't it.  Would it be up around 15v
like it is if you disconnect Battery while motor is running.  (Mine came
loose once and would pop off every time I accelerated.  Took about 10
minutes untill I poped the hood to check Batt Connections.

> 9.- Battery life is not chronological (time determined) it is rather
> dependent on the number and intensity of discharge cycles (disregarding
> other maintenance elements)
> I don't know if these are some of the comments you were looking for

	The the more I ask of it, the shorter its life?