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Re: Why dealers get a bad rap.

Osman Parvez wrote:

> [snip]
> >
> > Really, it is probably unfair blaming our dealers.  I
> > view the dealer somewhat like a child, they usually
> > act as their parents allow them to act.  When AoA
> > demands more from the dealers here, the dealers
> > will change.  I don't hold my breath though.
> I disagree. It is the consumer who will ultimately provoke change in the
> way dealers operate. AoA is now reaping in a dramatic increase in profit
> and market share. The stimulus for change is minimal from the supply
> side.

Ill side with Osman on this one. Ive been to some dealers that just shouldnt
be in business (Prestige Audi, Wallingford CT) and some that just absolutely
set the model for what a dealer should be (Fathers and Sons, Springfield
MA). They both have the same parents.