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Re: fan after run

>Hi guys,
>The fan on my 85 CGT shuts down when I turn the engine off.  I have to
>wait for the fan to stop running before I turn it off, because I am
>afraid that I will melt something.  Is this an easy fix? (Please say
>Peter Johnson

Most Audis run the fan whenever the cc head is in BILEV, AUTO, or 
defrost(something I find annoying in the winter, but it helps a lot in the 
summer time to keep things cool.)

The After run fan, depending upon the car,
-comes on shortly after shutting off the car
-continues(if it was running before w/CC head)
-only comes on in rare circumstances(200q20v's are notorious for being 
"picky" about turning on the after run fan; mine hardly turned on, even in 
the middle of the summer.)

With all turbos, it's recommended you ease up as you near your destination, 
and idle for a little bit to let things cool down.

Brett Dikeman
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