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Electrical contact terminal part numbers

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to develop Audi P/Ns for
the electrical contact terminals used in wiring harness connector
housings. The main parts fiche generally will provide a P/N for
the complete harness or, if one is really clever, a P/N for the bare
contact housing. OTOH, there do seem to be replacement terminals
available; these often seem to come supplied pre-crimped onto
short sections of wire. 

But how does one go about generating a P/N for such a particular
replacement terminal? The ideal would be P/Ns for the loose,
un-crimped terminals crossed from the harness P/N or some
other convenient reference. Pre-crimped terminal P/Ns would be
almost as sweet even though these must be spliced in instead
of crimped on. (There must either be some presumption of
risk that the harness under repair could be excessively shortened
or that the technician is more likely to make a successful repair
by splicing a wire than by crimping a terminal onto a wire.)

Clue impaired in the Kingdom of Boulder,

DeWitt Harrison
88 5kcstq