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Re: oil filters

Dave Conner wrote:
> I also wondered about the different filters spec'd for the I-5 engine.  The
> OEM filters I've seen all >look< the same.  But there are several
> different part numbers and prices vary widely.

Since I'm doing all this "research" into oil filters, I would not dismiss
the possibility that Audi had but 1 specification for I5 engine filtering
(2 sizes within the spec. 1 for engine, 1 for turbo) and the part nrs were
pointing to the filter manufacturer they used at the time.

>  I asked Rod at The Parts Connection if he knew why.
> He said they use different filter media...designed to filter different > size particles.  
In the words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, "mule fritters".  I believe that
Rod gave you a semi-educated guess at an answer.  At least I think so for
reasons that will become clear when I have written proof of what the filter
manufacturers have been telling me.  Does the following mean anything to
you? Life and Efficiency Tests (SAE J726, J806, and J905), Beta Ratio Tests
(SAE J1858).  Unfortantely, for me they are starting to, and with any luck,
they could to any anal compulsive that reads my contribution to
audifans.com or whatever name Dan cooks up for the new site.

Suffice it to say, IMHO, stick to mainstream filters (Mann, Mahle,
Bosch?).  Others, who have their "pet" filter brand need not take offense,
after all, do you really know who made that filter?  In the case of filters
with the 4 rings on the shell case, you really don't, unless you or a
friend works in Audi procurement.  Gotta go now, I'm off to the basement to
perform surgery on my latest victim - Mann 719/5 oil filter.
MJ Murphy