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RE: Greatest Car Movies was: Italian Job

There is a new recording of the Blues Brothers on Laser disc in AC 3, pretty

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Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com> wrote:

>5.  Days of Thunder.  Oops, sorry wrong list.  Good photography but I hate
>the Tom Cruise formula plot (young, super-talented "fill in the blank" with
>ghosts from the past screws up and is saved from himself by the
>intervention of a female).

I would rate this one for good sound and photography. Especially nice if
you happen to own a Dolby Surround sound system.

All-time worst car movie: 'Manta, Manta!' from Germany, early '80s. Only
interesting if you're badly into Opel Mantas and brain-dead. 'Grease'-like

I also loved 'The Italian Job' and 'Le Mans'. Got both of them on video, in
I'd vote for 'The Blues Brothers', too. Another of my favourites...


PS Mandatory Audi content: I wish I could go out and work on my 90q for a
bit- it really needs a lot doing to it- but the weather's just incredibly

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