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Electrical contact terminal part numbers


Jeff Goggin once posted the following (in reference to his '90 200q, I
believe) which may contain some of the info you're in need of:

>>also ordered a few extra parts from Linda @ Carlsen Audi to make the
>>a little easier and neater.  These included eight official (and
>>costly) Audi spade lugs (Part No. N-0170851-4), two plastic spade lug holders
>>(PN 447 972 957, one for each light) and two rubber boots (PN 447 941 189)
>>to cover everything and keep the water out. 


Phil R.

>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 98 14:22:48 MST
>From: DeWitt Harrison <de@aztek-eng.com>
>Subject: Electrical contact terminal part numbers
>Can anyone tell me if it is possible to develop Audi P/Ns for
>the electrical contact terminals used in wiring harness connector
>housings. The main parts fiche generally will provide a P/N for
>the complete harness or, if one is really clever, a P/N for the bare
>contact housing. OTOH, there do seem to be replacement terminals
>available; these often seem to come supplied pre-crimped onto
>short sections of wire.
>But how does one go about generating a P/N for such a particular
>replacement terminal? The ideal would be P/Ns for the loose,
>un-crimped terminals crossed from the harness P/N or some
>other convenient reference. Pre-crimped terminal P/Ns would be
>almost as sweet even though these must be spliced in instead
>of crimped on. (There must either be some presumption of
>risk that the harness under repair could be excessively shortened
>or that the technician is more likely to make a successful repair
>by splicing a wire than by crimping a terminal onto a wire.)

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