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Wheel cleaning

I know there's been a lot of discussion on this subject. Just thought I
would pass on what I did last night.

Earlier in the year, I had bought a parts brush at the local auto parts
store, I proceeded to cut off most of the handle, it was hollow, so I
took a stud and hot glued it into the center. This provided something to
mount it into my battery drill. It works ok except that sometimes the
stud twists, but the brush doesn't. Guess I'll make another one, but use
a cross piece in the stud to keep it from twisting, and use JB Weld
instead of hot glue.

Anyway, armed with partially diluted Simple Green, water, and my brush
mounted in a cordless drill, I attacked my dirty wheels. I was thinking
that maybe the brush would scratch the clearcoat on the wheels, but I
don't see any evidence of scratches. These wheels have a scratch or two
already present, so I figured it wouldn't be a major loss if I did
scratch them. I managed to get 99.8% of the black crap off of my wheels,
the only spots left are small spots in the corner recesses. Once I had
them cleaned, I applied RainX as a wax coating, as per someone's [you
know who you are, I can't remember] recommendation.

Today in the light of day, they look pretty damn good. Now let's see how
easy it is to clean the brake dust off with the RainX coating. I'm going
for my "free" oil change at the dealer today, in the past when I've gone
there, they wash the car. If they wash it today, I'll be "stylin'".

BTW, my "home-engineered" brush in the cordless drill really saved some
labor, just make sure it's wet first, this tends to soften the bristles
some[warm water helps too].

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