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Re: Craig's O2 sensor

> VAG and
>Bosch R&D worked together at no small expense to develop the fuel/ignition
>systems on these cars, and you and I have little or no knowledge of the fine
>subtleties of either system, nor of those of the Ford for which the sensor of
>which you speak was intended. I, personally and professionally, am
sticking with
>the specified product until Bosch comes out with a substitute. They make
some for
>the single wire system, and they'd probably make one for the multi wire
>too, if they saw fit.

I agree 150%. NEVER assume you can make reliable decisions based on your
understanding of the principles of operation of any complex  commercial
product, unless you were one of the people who designed it, no matter how
good it (the understanding) is. Remember, only so many aspects of the
design are developed from a logical prospective, which can be understood by
others. A good junk of the design is developed from semi-random tweeking of
various things, until a satisfactory compromise is found. That said, I
don't think there is anything wrong with experimenting, you are then  just
extending the R&D work already done by Bosch and may establish something
that will be useful for others. But be prepared to share the cost as well.