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RE: Urq Valve Cover Painting

I had mine media blasted and simply painted it with black high temp paint.
The paint has a satin finish not too different than OEM and does seem to
hold up fairly well (at least here in mild California).  I don't know where
anyone got anything other than a stamped steel valve cover on their WX
engined QTCs ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> >I plan on replacing the valve cover gasket on the urq sometime over the
> >next couple weeks.  The valve cover itself is looking a little worse for
> >wear.  A good portion of the paint has chipped off, so I figured that
> while
> >I have the cover off, I would re-paint it.  Any advice out there?  I
> figure
> >I should at least sand off the old paint before the repaint, but I have
> no
> >idea what type of paint to use.  Any suggestions?  Does the cover need to
> >be primed before painting?  Thanks!!