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Re: Speeding, Photo Radar...

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Engstrom, Gerald A (APL) wrote:

:|pictures taken, and when places like Denver nab 350 people in 8 hours,
:|either that's a lot of overtime, or once again, we have outside hired
:|help, most of whom don't know an Audi from a Lexus, and that's a sad
:|thing.  I live in New York State and we don't have photo yet, although
:|they have toyed with it.  I like writing my elected officials all the

	probably a good enough reason to cover my front
	four rings with a strip of black gaffer's tape
	next time i plan to go for a long, fast cruise.

	'course, there's no front plate either, even though
	the car is from golden.  he did include the mounting
	kit for one, though.

 '83 ur-q - yamaha rz350 - suzuki ts250 -  chaotic good
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