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Re: Speeding, Photo Radar...

"Engstrom, Gerald A (APL)" <GAEngstrom@taylorcorp.com> writes:

>numbers.  They then look it up on the DMV computer and issue you a
>ticket.  AN OUTSIDE VENDOR !?!?!?!?!?!  Yes, and worse yet, any 

In certain countries, you can actually buy your own
photo-radar device.  Since many municipalities in 
in other countries have very little money/no credit
status, they offer these photo-radar units as 
an investment.  You purchase the unit, have it
mounted (usually on a utility pole, nice looong
stretch of deserted avenue) and you get to keep
between 40-60% of the ticket revenue, with the
balance going to the municipality. In one 
such city that had these units, I hear some people in 
a red imported American truck dawned ski masks
and wiped out 20 of these units in one night with
a high powered rifle.....



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