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Re: 86 5000csqt NO BOOST

Did he check his air filter?  Did he check to see that the wastegate
isn't hung
up or missing a spring or something?

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On Sun, 1 Nov 1998 20:22:50 EST TPSidders@aol.com writes:
>A friend of mine has a 86 5kqt that he recently put a used motor in. 
>Since he
>has done so it has never produced boost. It has been looked at by 2 
>shops in
>the Denver area and they cant find the problem. The gauge reads .9, 
>nothing higher. Granted he's at a high elevation but this should be a 
>higher. Can some of you please give a helping hand in what to look for 
>possibly some tests to perform. Oh, the last shop did test the turbo 
>and they said that it is working.
>												Thanks 
>in advance!
>															TPS
>86 5kcsqt
>87 325is

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