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Strut difference for 200/100 manual and auto...

Silly idea ahead.

Just asking out of curiosity as I am about to get my
auto tranny fixed/replaced.

I have looked at The Parts Connection listing of parts
for the manual and auto 200 and 100 for 1989-1990/1.
I would like to know how different the struts and
surrounding assemblies are for the 200t and 100 manual and
auto cars. Anyone done much work there?

Inner CV joints are the same for auto and manual.
Outer CV joints (with ABS) all are listed
443 498 099 for 200t A, 100M, 100A, but with revision
designations G, B and E respectively. The 200t M
is 447 498 099.
Front hub for 200t A is 447 407 615A and for the
manual it is 4A0 407 615D. How different?
Wheel bearings are same for the 100 and 200 manual
and the same for the 100 and 200 auto, even if hubs
are different numbers.

Basically, I have 2 options right now. Replace my
auto tranny or have a friend do the manual conversion.
(Yes, yes, I've been going on about it for a year, alot
know about it so please no flaming!).

Flywheel will be made up (don't know about timing
markings right now). Manual will go in, proper length
driveshafts, body welding, MCs and pedals, computer
fixed, console, radiator (??, plugged). Other problem
is the mounting of the speed sensor on the auto box.
I was told many moons ago that the sensor is the same
as the manual, but possibly just needs another
mount. The big thing is the outer bits of doing this;
I'll probably just leave the hubs, CVs, bearings as
for the auto. What about hydraulic pump, anyone?

The person who will/might be doing this for me indicates
a conversion on an early '80s 200 turbo and 2 on later
'80s 200s for a guy who did long distance travelling.

Or just replace the box with a used auto. But I don't
want more of these crud problems.



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