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RE: '864kqt upgrade help...

    Transfer the whole motor.  If it is cheap, go for it.  If not, wait
and get an MC motor to use.  Check out the  4kq turob conversion Web
Site for more info.  I dont have the URL handy.
    Also, look in Archives.  A few people have posted detailed procedure
for this.
In short
    1)  Replace motor and entire CIS system.  ECU needs to know what
boost is to make Fuel Mixture and Spark Changes.
    2)  Replace Tie-Rod to make room for Wastegate.  Some companies bend
stock one which is best alternative, only needs a slight bend.
    3)  do all the wiring to make it put in new ECU.  Not too bad on
older motors.  A little harder on newer MC code block.  A chore if you
want After-Run Pump, etc to work.
    4) Make downpipe fit somehow.  Some have problems, some dont.
Depends on year maybe.  Some have SUB-Frame clearance problems, other
Floor Pan clearance problems.
    5)  Lose the AC unless you want a real project.
    6)  Try to find a place for Oil cooler and Inter Cooler.

Its worth it to everyone who's done it so far.   L8R

    84' 4kq - turbo motor still i garage

While I was at the wrecking yard last weeken I noticed and '83 5kt
with the turbo and motor still intact minus fuel metering head.
They quoted $50 for the head and $35 for the turbo.
Now my questions start I have an '86 4kq that runs well but needs more
power and this may be the way to do it.
Now, I have done a lot of mechanical work but never attempted anythin
this before but I do have people that would be willing to help me do
the transplant (Rick Schwalenberg) but can I just transfer the head
including manifold and turbo routing and not have to change the block.
Or is it easier to just put the whole motor in????
I would like to keep the CIS injection as it works perfectly. Is this
feasable? DO I have to go back to K-Jetronic if I want to do this
Any thing else needed (computer)? I will get a boost gauge and can set
the CO.
I do not want to go backwards with technology if I can help it (86>83)
Will the NA CIS support a turbo motor?
BTW, this is a WK motor isn't it rated for 130hp?

Will I destory my NA pistons if I put that turbo and head on ther???
Also, will the 4kq downpipe hookup off the turbo manifold or do I need
downpipe also???

Sorry for playing 20 question,
Rich Andrews

'86 4kq (hopefully 4kqt soon!)