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more ramblings from Ken

I'm starting to get the "different" car itch 
pretty bad.  I've been looking on the web, and 
locally for Corrado VR6's, and various Audi's. 

The more I think about the fact that I'm already 
making payments...

Also, I've begun thinking that my 4ksq project 
might be best gotten running by using the internals 
and head from my Coupe GT, rather than the whole 
long block. 

The broken A/C mounting point thing is starting 
to thwart me, mentally.

I've already got the gasket set, just need the rings 
and bottom end bearings.

This mechanic where I've got the Coupe stored is 
the type to leave the block in the car, and hone it 
out and replace the rings and bearings.  He says 
that's fine to do.

I've always thought the "only" (best, acceptable) 
way to do it, is to pull the block, hot-tank/chemical 
strip it, and check all the dimensions and such, 
maybe even do a little boring.

Just how half-@ss is it to leave the block in the 
car, and hone it out and do whatever ridge reaming
needs to be done.

Wait a minute, don't you have to take the tranny 
out to remove the crank?  Maybe this guy's not 
even removing the crank.  Ya think?  I don't 
think so, because he was talking about new 
bottom end bearings.  Hmmmm...

What do y'all think?  I'd like to get the thing 
running by the end of the year, if possible.