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Re: GVW vs. curve weight? (no Audi content)

Virtual Bob wrote:

> interesting sight...
> While out tonight, I came across this 18-wheeler at the stop light
> (the light was red). While coming to a stop, I thought, "Gee whiz, those
> red lights (on the trailer) are sure coherent..."
> And it wasn't until I was beside it that I found the reason why -- all the
> stop lights and the turning lights on the trailer was made up of LED
> arrays, arranged in such (round) that they looked like regular 18-wheeler
> trailer lights. Quite cool. Quite bright, too, compared to regular bulb
> lights.

 I've noticed those lights for a while now. Next time you pull up to a red
stop light, take a closer look at that too. Here in the Twin Cities, I've
noticed a lot of red lights are actually a large cluster of LEDs.

Now if we can only figure out a way to do something similar for our cars,
inexpensively, we'll be set.

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