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which paint??

shane asks...which paint brand is best?

        paint quality increases directly with price.  a cheap paint _is_a
cheap paint. in quality wet look high gloss long life applications urethane
type finishes are best. most of these are acrylic/urethane blends (ie dupont
imron). the more expensive and more durable finishes are pure urethanes.
house of kolours is a truly top quality line of paints (now part of valspar)
and generally regarded as _the_ custom car paint. visit a custom car show...
the cars painted with h o k paint will stand out. i have used most of the
top paints in my custom bike business and regardless of manufacturer...their
most expensive product provides the best finish. do take note that these
modern paints are highly toxic. i wouldn't dare step into my spray booth
without a fresh air respirator. a carbon filter mask is no good for these
paints....not if you look forward to a life of breathing.



86 5kcdtq to be painted soon (hok paint)
84 5ks
84 5ksw