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1986 5000CS Turbo Quattro PrePurchase Questions


I am seriously considering buying a 5000 CS turbo quattro.  The car has
about 120k and is in OK appearnace(seat covers, dent in rear drivers
side passenger door, has been garaged and audi paint seems ok) runs
great but has a hot start problem.  Original owner is trying to scare up
all records.  I would appreciate any info on what you think this car is
worth.  It is quite old and although it runs very strong I am
considering waiting for a newer model, although I know they are hard to
come by.  What is the peak torque on these cars? HP is rated 158 when
new.  it is much faster than the 89 100 wagon my wife drives.   Is there
a FAQ i should know about?  Thanks for any info you provide.
Please reply directly to 


or this email account.  It is my wifes fault that I like these damn cars
now.  I am a glutton for punishment....

My 87 16V scirocco with 130K still runs great and could use a good home
if anyone is interested or knows of someone who might be please reply.

Thanks again

Njomele Hong