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a4 1.8tq avant- it's here!

Unlike Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Jolly Green Giant,
and the Publishers Clearinghouse van, they do exist.

Sitting in front of my dealer today was a 1999 (10/98 build)
A4 avant, 1.8tq, black/black leatherette, sunroof.

Some interesting points from looking at other A4s on the lot
(this was the only avant there):

- sports package lowers the car - I could pick these out at a
- sports seats are a must, and not very sporty at that
- a4 avant trunk is not that big, compared to passat wagon
- a4 avant is begging for a performance exhaust - wimpy tips!

If you've ordered one of these, odds are you will be seeing it

Oh, also on the lot:

- 95 a6 5speed, 39k, grey/grey cloth
- 90 (I think) lower mile V8, no price but looks nice

Email if you need details.
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