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OK, follow this train of thought...

On Friday/Sat, I was in VT looking at ski condos/houses
(pipe dream but you never know).
It occurred to me that if we found a house, and we were to 
car pool with my BIL and SIL and their dog, we would need
a vehicle capable of carrying 4 adults, some bags, 2 largish
dogs (70/80lbs) in comfort and speed.

Looking at the dealer lot today, here are my thoughts:

- 200tqw: too small, roofline is low in the back
- A6 avant (95): decent.  S6 wagon might be the ticket.
- A4 avant: looks too small, but might be possible
- A6 avant (99): larger, but not an option for me
- Passat wagon: looks possible, but no 1.8tq 5sp...

I'm about ready to get either the new Jetta or new Passat
for my wife, but I'm trying to push her to get something
the dog can ride in (he ain't going in my CQ!).
The Jetta is OK for him in the back, but it's not the travel
car I'm looking for.  Passat wagon is OK, but no quattro.

So, what does everyone else with 2 dogs drive?  Don't tell me,
Suburban, Land Rover, LandCruiser...

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