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4000 quattro-replacing belts and hoses

Greetings Listers,
Anyone have some BTDT advice for the replacement of V-belts, Cooling system
hoses and the timing belt on a '84 4000 quattro? 

A few questons:

1.  Should I consider replacing any additional parts (water pump, pulleys,
thermostat ...?) in the process of this job?  The car has 125,000 miles,
but unfortunately I don't have any records from before I bought it 2yrs ago.

2.  The Bentley Manual shows the timing belt removal/installation in a
couple of different places associated with other repairs.  Can someone
confirm that I don't need to remove the v-belt pulley to just replace the
timing belt?   

3.  How difficult is it to replace the heater hoses?  Can this be done with
the heater core in place by removing one the lower panels below the dash?

4.  The coolant temp usually runs at what I would call the "high-normal"
mark on the temp gage (second line from the top.)  This is higher than my
4000 S usually ran.  Is this a normal running temp for the 5cyl?  The idiot
light does not come on.

Thanks in advance,

Seattle, Washington