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re: wagons/dogs

> OK, follow this train of thought...
> On Friday/Sat, I was in VT looking at ski condos/houses
> (pipe dream but you never know).
> It occurred to me that if we found a house, and we were to 
> car pool with my BIL and SIL and their dog, we would need
> a vehicle capable of carrying 4 adults, some bags, 2 largish
> dogs (70/80lbs) in comfort and speed.
> Looking at the dealer lot today, here are my thoughts:
> - - 200tqw: too small, roofline is low in the back
> - - A6 avant (95): decent.  S6 wagon might be the ticket.
> - - A4 avant: looks too small, but might be possible
> - - A6 avant (99): larger, but not an option for me
> - - Passat wagon: looks possible, but no 1.8tq 5sp...

I have 3 smaller dogs (whippets)and the girlfriend has a 95 VW Passat
Wagon specifically to haul the pups around. I have been admiring the
new A4 Avant but I have to agree that it is just too small for more
that 2 adults and their gear (especially ski gear!). An S6 wagon would
be great if you can afford a 3rd mortage on your 2nd mortgage

As to snow & sleet etc, the Passat with ABS and Traction control is
nearly as solid as my 86 4K CSQ. We went on a road trip in April with
both cars and some friends and the Passat only let us down once. On a
long climb over a high Colorado pass in the snow, we had to stop in
the middle of the climb because the truck in front jack-knifed. The
Audi just started up again and climbed all the way to the summit but
the Passat had to back down (not recommended btw) and take a running
start. Once we got going again there was no problem getting past the
spot where we got stuck the first time.

> I'm about ready to get either the new Jetta or new Passat
> for my wife, but I'm trying to push her to get something
> the dog can ride in (he ain't going in my CQ!).
> The Jetta is OK for him in the back, but it's not the travel
> car I'm looking for.  Passat wagon is OK, but no quattro.

Maybe you should wait for the new Passat Wagon Syncro that is coming
out in 99 (or maybe not, I have heard some ugly rumours.)

> So, what does everyone else with 2 dogs drive?  Don't tell me,
> Suburban, Land Rover, LandCruiser...
Maybe a Land Rover Discover as a last resort :)

86 4K CSQ (Mine)
95 VW Passat VR6 (hers)
92 VW Passat G60 Syncro (Left in Canada :( )


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