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Re: Public Thanks (Brake Rebuild 101)

Phil Payne wrote:

> I wonder, quite seriously, if there's any point at all in owning
> 12-point sockets these days.  They were useful with old-style rachets
> with 24 teeth but modern stuff is 72-tooth, usually engaging four teeth
> at once.  My rachet now has better positioning resolution than a
> 12-point.

You're absolutely right - there's no point whatsoever in buying
12-pointers. The trouble is, I bought them years ago, when I could not
yet afford Snap-On, and Craftsman did not make 6-pointers in
half-inch-drive. Now I am stuck with them.

> If rubber lasts ten years, what's the advantage of SS?  I can't see that
> it caused you, in particular, anything but grief.

Several reasons:
1. The rigid SS lines give a somewhat firmer pedal feel due to the lack
of radial expansion under pressure.
2. They are actually cheaper than the OEM rubber lines.
3. They look good :-)

> > Spray the rusted shaft of the lever with a _very_ good rust
> > loosener/lubricant ...
> Any recommendations?

I used the following stuff:
the can sez "Fluid Film" and "Rust & Corrosion Preventive penetrant &
lubricant". "Packaged for EUREKA CHEMICAL COMPANY, 234 Lawrence Avenue,
South San Francisco, CA 94080". It was given to me as a promo item,
among other similar products, by a sales rep who stopped by my Co booth
at one of the Design Engineerig Shows.

My second best choice would be ZEP.

> With the pin boots in that state, I wonder that all the CV boots were
> intact.

You're reading my mind retroactively. I did check them - the CV boots
were [surprisingly] intact.

> This one ranks as a 120000 mile item, along with new adjuster screws
> in the headlights.  New tip - when you get the new adjuster screws to
> fit in the headlights, take one along to your tool merchant and get a
> _perfectly_ fitting screwdriver.  Henceforth, dedicate this one tool to
> this one job.

The Euro UrQ has front Philips adjusters? Hmmm... Just like the US DOT
headlights on the Type-44. They indeed tend to freeze up in a few years
and the next attempt to adjust them causes the long adjustment screws to
bend and twist, in which case the screwdriver also strips the Phillips
recess in their heads.
The Type-44 Euros on both mine and Osman's '89 200TQ are adjusted by
hand via large serrated plastic knobs in the back of the headlight assy.
Frank Bauer's federalised Euro '86 200TQ in addition has two external
levers for dipping the low beams under load.

> What?  It wasn't _raining_?  You guys have it easy.

Yes - in my garage. Besides, the temp was 8 that day - rather cold to
work outside.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros