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Re: All-Road

c a l i b a n wrote:

>         *gasp* the allroad.  what a dream car!  gazing at this
>         on their website was what started me obsessing over
>         quattros months ago, when i was looking for a ski car.
>         i even called the dealer to ask about them.  the response
>         was extremely rude, rude treatment and a denial that the
>         car even exists.  "i'm looking at it on the web right now".
>         "where?" he asked.  "on audi's website..." hahaha.
>         anyway, when will these come to america?  ever?  what are
>         they expected to fetch, around $45k?

>From VWVortex website:

The A6 avant based and SUV inspired Audi allroad concept is likely to be approved
after positive opinions from target clinics with US customers. Final decision is
still pending from company leaders, but production will most likely begin in 1999.
The Audi allroad is not intended as a serious off-road vehicle. Franz Josef
Paefgen, chairman of Audi, said in Car Magazine (UK),"It's an environment-friendly
and yet positively dynamic alternative to the SUV establishment. It gets you there
and treads lightly."
Audi expects to sell 30,000 a year mostly destined for the SUV crazy American
marketplace, but could manage up to 50,000 annually should the demand arise. They
expect to charge $42,000 in the US and wanted to charge more, but a higher figure
did not go over well with the participants in the customer clinic.
The allroad will most likely be built at Audi's Neckarsalm plant or at the Steyr
Daimler-Puch plant in Austria. Insiders hint that the production version will be
very close to the show car that appeared at the Detroit International Autoshow in
1998. Continental Technologies will provide Audi with the innovative Adjustable
Air Suspension system powered by a small compressor located above the rear axle.
It can be adjusted to three different ride heights: Highway (5.7 inches), Byway
(6.7 inches) & Off-road (7.7 inches). The system self adjusts to the lowest
setting above 40mph, when the car is unlocked or the engine is turned off, for
easy entry and exit.
Sheetmetal changes will include the bolt on and ribbed composite roof, wheel arch
flares and modified side panels all similar to the allroad concept car. Future
allroad versions include a powerful V8 version and frugal TDI version.

HTH and answers any further questions. That seems to be all they know for now.

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