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Re: GT engine removal

Ken Keith wrote:

> Wouldn't it have been easier to drop the subframe and take the
> engine/tranny out the bottom as a unit?  I mean, you have to undo the darn
> steering rack bracket to get the tranny out, no?

Only if you have a lift to work under or some other way to pick up the

I personally hate to deal with the subframe, and it was much easier, IMO
to deal with the pieces separately.  That's quite a mass (mess?) with
the motor and the tranny hanging off the back of it.

And no, I didn't touch the steering rack bracket.  Granted, the
passenger side tie-rod was not installed since I had to put a different
one in to clear the wastegate, but the bracket was still there.

I guess this is one of those "personal preference" things.  Make your
decision based on how much space you have to work in, how big a mass of
parts you want to deal with, and the tools (hoist and/or lift) you have
on hand.



'85 turbo GT Coupe
'84 4kq