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Re: GT engine removal

Michael Zamikhovsky wrote:

> Removing engine/trans combo this way is handy because you can do it usin floor
> jack only. It can be done without use of "cherry picker"( crane). However  the
> front must be raised very high so that the engine ballanced by hand on floor
> jack can be pulled out from under the car. It is however much more difficult to
> install engines this way.

This is my issue.  If you don't have the hoist to pull the engine out
the top of the car, what are you going to use to pull the front end of
the car that high off the floor?  <grin>

Don't let the lack of an engine hoist stop you.  They're not that
expensive, (I bought a nice one with removable legs from our local
warehouse store for less than $200) and I'm sure you could probably rent
one for a weekend pretty cheaply.

With the schedule I was operating under, it just made more sense to buy
the hoist and have it available as I needed than have to run to a rental
shop and pick up it each time I needed it.  And it's already come in
handy twice for moving some non-automotive things.

Besides, isn't the fun of a project like pulling an engine the part
where you get to allocate yourself $500 to go buy all those fun tools
you've never been able to justify before?  ;-)

My $0.02 worth,


'85 turbo GT Coupe
'84 4kq