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an idea for a piece of art

I have an idea.

I'm considering cutting the entire *ss-end of the Coupe GT off, and make a 
piece of art out of it.

When I get my house, I'll put it up in the garage, or the living room.  
It would be mounted on the wall, trunk lid, taillights, bumper, and all, 
like at those cool retro-burger joints, like Hudson's Grill (if you've 
ever seen something like that).

I would hook up the taillights to come on and stuff.  It would be like one 
of those beer lights, only much larger, and an expression of my Audi 

I don't know how heavy it will be, and I may have to weld some kind of 
frame together to make it sturdy enough.  To really cross the line, and 
ruin a perfectly good bumper, I would probably cut the front section of 
the bumper flat, flush with the wall.

I think it would be cool.

Or, I would make the trunk be a storage bin or something.

It's an idea.