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RE: Lightening 4kq flywheel

> 	Hmm. I am pretty sure the pins for the Hall Sensor are different
> location between the 5ktq and 200 flywheels.  I know the 200 has a ligher
> flywheel.  OR so I've read and been told by people who have used both.
> BTW, the 4kq has a VERY differenc flywheel from the 5ktq unit.

The designs of the flywheels are different, but the TO bearing isn't, and
the sensor locations on the bell housing are in the same locations on all
the 016's.  The 200 does have a lighter fly wheel, but the pins don't appear
to be in different locations from what I've seen.  If need be, you can
relocate the pins.

> 	True.  YOu evidently haven driven the CQ

No, but I've driven a turbocharged AWD car (323 GTX) with a lightened
flywheel and a 911SC with one...the CQ is too gutless in the bottom end, and
I don't want to screw with getting more power out of the NA 20V anyway;
there's simply nothing worth messing with on that engine.

> does this really
> happen or only initial torque when you let out clutch.  I would think that
> once clutch is fully engaged and you are going, flooring it, you would
> have same torque as with heavier unit.

I found that the RPM's climbed much faster with the lightened unit, while
the car was moving in gear.

> 	WHy did you do this?  Besides being machined, was the CQ a ligher
> unit to start with, better design, etc?

Started out as a simple mistake, but after some research, we determined that
we could make it work.  We've already got it mounted and jigged up into the
correct position, and the pins and sensors are in the correct locations.

-mark nelson