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Re: Almost Reckless driving


>> Weather was good as well. For those who care, it was under the I-66 West
>> underpass before the exit to Gallows Rd. After ticketing me, he followed
>> me for a while and set up another trap further down the road. I know
>> this is a futile and dumb question but don't they have anything better
>> to do? Oh well. This still won't make me drive 55 like a lemming but I
>> guess I'll curb my momentary 100mph jaunts down the straightaways of
>> 495. It's a shame too because the car feels great.......:)
>One law for all.  _Your_ car is safe at 125mph (BTDT, Hamburg - Munich)
>but Ralph Nader was right about many of the others.

The next time the Federalies are hassling you, show them the gas flap. The
'89 200q shows pressure ratings for:  3 people slow (<125 MPH, 32 PSI/2.2
bar), 3 people fast (>125 MPH, 34 PSI/2.4 bar), 5 people (40 PSI/2.7 bar,
regardless of speed). "Mr Fuzz, sir, the car's made for it, with
H-rated/1/4-oz balanced BFGs, I have an SCCA license, and no one's around.
Just cuz you're driving a POS Caprice doesn't mean _I_ have to creep along
. . ." Worth a shot, anyway. =8~O

Alas, the 4kq is nowhere _near_ that ambitious.

'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q")
'89 200q (K26, torsen, flush handles, no bag)
'86 4ks, lives on in memory
Boise, ID, USA