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Re: Regardless of what coolant is best....................


>There is a great difference between distilled water (available from your
>local grocery) and deionized water (generally available only in a research
>lab somewhere).  To make deionized water you *start* with distilled water.
>Definite overkill, IMO.

As has been discussed here before by me, DI water will _destroy_ the inside
of your metallic engine. The radiator caps and hoses will be fine.

De-ionized water doesn't like being ion free, and will pull every free ion
from whatever it touches. It corrodes stainless 316 before the very eyes.

Distilled water is what you want for the cooling system if your tap water
is gookey.


>At 06:45 PM 11/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Romeo Shayne Pavlic' wrote:
>>> Regardless of what antifreeze you use,
>>> be sure to use ONLY Deionized H2O.
>>> You will virtually eliminate corosion and deterioration.
>>> Shayne.
>>Isn't that distilled water not "Deionized H2O" ?
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