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RE: Re: 1991 200t: no start ...

> Or you have a motor that one of your ECUs refuses to
> start.  Anyway - pull the codes and see what it says is
> wrong.

Or I have several motors one of ECUs refuses to start.
ECU from my car starts my car, ECU from dyno-tuned car
(chipped) starts my car, ECU from "faulty" car doesn't
start my car, but chipped ECU starts "faulty" car.
Or used to, but stopped doing so now. I mean, the
buggered ECU was replaced with this working ECU and it
ran the car, but the car now doesn't want to start up.

I thought one needed to have the engine running to get
it to pick up any codes.

Thanks for the help, Phil! Will relay to mechanic to see
if he can get it figured out.



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