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Fuel Injector Removal

Hello All:

Remember the 88 5KCSTQ that got squashed by a tree before I could buy it? I
bought it at the insurance salvage auction and am now busily pulling all
the decent parts off her. I'll be pulling the engine and tranny soon as the
wife would like her carport parking space back.  

Mr. Bentley makes no mention of disconnecting injector lines prior to
engine removal, musta been edited out.  When I tried to coax the fuel line
off the injector with a flare nut wrench, the hard part of the fuel line
started to crimp itself as it was frozen.  Soaked the fitting with
penetrating fluid to no avail.

Dumb question, this fitting is a right hand thread -lefty loosie, righty
tighty - correct?  I've never had the need to pull an injector or line
before.  What is the preferred method of removing the line (and injector,
for that matter) since it's waaay too early for applying heat and the
resultant Fourth of July fireworks...


-Steve Jensen
88 5KCSTQ (moving into the basement, piece by piece)