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Re: Stuck Crank Bolt. Synchronizers. Ugh!

Yes, you are 100% correct....
Tell him to get a breaker bar and if that doesn't work get a section of three
foot gas pipe (or longer) and slide this over the breaker bar. 
stand on it now, bolt should break loose.
BTW, I did this alongside of the highway with a craftsman 2footer and just
requires a straight screwdriver and standing on it.
of Course I retorqued the bolt when I got home with a torque wrench.

Rich Andrews

> In message <364A7F38.82DF26B1@one.net> "Theodore R. Harlan" writes:
> > My (good) mechanic spent 4 hours today, with a 3/4" impact gun trying to
> > remove the crank bolt on the sacred CQ.
> If he was using an impact gun, I find it hard to consider him 'good'.
> What was he going to do the bolt up with?  When we were at Coy's earlier
> this year and had the car with some of the tools on the stand, a monkey
> boy from a well-known Audi dealership came up to me and said they didn't
> use a torque wrench on the crank bolt - they just put their 3/4" gun
> on its top setting.  He didn't have any idea what torque that gave,
> just that they didn't come undone!
> Any 'good' mechanic will have a breaker that can deal with this.  He
> needs a torque wrench that can deal with 332 lb ft, and most such will
> adjust up to 500 lb ft or 750 lb ft for taking such bolts off.  An
> impact gun is _NOT_ the right tool.
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