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Re: 4kq Gauge

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Ti Kan wrote:

> The clock on my 80 4000 still works (knock on plastic)... :)
> I have seen quite a few of these clocks fail, though.  The failure
> seems to be a burnt out resistor on the little circuit board in
> the clock.  When this happens, the clock stops, but you can still
> see the second hand wiggle just a tiny bit (trying real hard...).

LOL ... that second-hand wiggle is _exactly_ what my father's 80 4k did.
I'm sure there are more than a few with the "shakes".

When I had the cluster out on my 87 this past weekend, I took a peek at
the clock.  Everything seemed okay... nothing really burnt out or
anything.  I didn't fuss with it much more than a peek for broken parts,
as I am not too interested in fixing it.

That spot though, makes a _great_ place to insert some sort of other
guage.  Valentine 1 remote display hack?  Alarm LED?  Boost guage for MC
conversion?  _sigh_... that last one is a ways off :).

Anyone have a good idea of something we can put in that spot?  Who needs a
clock there anyway?  :)

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