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Re: Away for the Winter

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Todd Young wrote:

> 2)Full tank of gas, some might suggest some "Stabil".

I've heard that you want to get gas into all the lines all the way up to
the engine.  The best way to do this (I've read) is to run the car and
pull the fool pump relay.  Will stop it cold and have everything still
'lubed'.  Insert a disclaimer here, as I've never tried it.  Other listers

> 4)If you have 120volt outlet available, purchase a GOOD quality trickle
> charger and hook it up to the battery. The alternative is to just disconnect
> the battery, shouldn't be a problem with a 1982 vehicle. The trickle charger
> is actually the BEST method, as the battery will then keep a full charge and
> you won't have to worry about it freezing.

If for the winter, yes.  If longer, well, just give the battery to someone
else as a gift :).  Saves a little hassle and is a nice gesture to
neighbors :).

Seal up the exhaust tailpipes with something.  Like maybe plastic-wrap or
something.  Keeps little critters from jumping up in there and making a

If it's just for the winter, you might want to leave in the battery and go
down to the garage once or twice a month and start it up and run it for a
while.  Get the A/C compressor running and work the throttle a little.
Can't hurt, I'd say.  You just have to "re-pack" after you're done.

I'll second Todd's suggestion with the deoderant for your car ... small
odors can get MIGHTY rank over time.  Oh, and please, scour your car for
loose bits of foodstuffs and clothing.  My father left stuff in our
Porsche for the winter .. some old fishing clothes.  The car _still_
smells like boots and stuff :(.


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