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Re: 4kqt conversion

I don't particularly look to drag race just like to have a good 2nd and 3rd
gear boost :)
Just enough to make those Hondas and Rustangs think what the hell
does quattro mean?
Rich Andrews
> >I hav been getting some criticism as far as using the WX motor
> >I know the MC is the ideal motor.....for a transplant.
> >I have not set the WX idea in stone yet.
> >I am seriously thinking about it 
> >I am not going to want anymore than 250HP out of it anyways.
> >I just want a 4kq that can contend with the DORF Rustangs and
> >these Japanese cars with 4inch tailpipe. I just want something
> >fast but not 911turbo fast. 
> Rich,
> As an owner of a Coupe GT with the KX engine and an urquattro
> with a WX engine, I have to warn you that you will be giving up
> a lot in low-end torque by going to a WX engine.  The WX is
> slightly smaller in displacement and quite a bit lower in
> compression ratio (8.5:1 for the KX/JT versus 7.0:1 for the WX).
> Plus, the K26 turbo takes a bit to spool up, so the WX engine
> does not feel powerful until around 3000 rpms. 
> The MC engine has a 7.8:1 compression ratio and the same 
> displacement as the KX/JT engine, so it feels much more like
> your 4000q engine at low rpms than the MC.
> The WX is not a bad engine for the swap, but you will notice
> some loss of performance in the bottom end over your existing
> engine.  The MC does not have this loss, which is why people
> have told you that the WX is not a good swap.  If you want
> high-end horsepower, then the WX will deliver 200hp just as
> well as the MC.  Believe me, once that K26 is spooled up, the
> WX goes like a greyhound.  :-)
> Later,
> Eric
> '85 CGT, '82 urq
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