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4kqt conversion

Ok. everyone.....
I found a kh motor and it only has '82k miles on it....
Complete car.... Compression is as follows....
Cyl # 1 137| #2 150| #3 150| #4 152| #5 155.
New head, valve guides, valve seats, cam belt.
Water pump, tensionerer. 
It is an auto unit car....
DO I have to change the flywheel????
(please say no)
I know I will have to put a pilot bearing in there.
Also, I just changes my 4kq clutch... did clutch, pressure plate,
T.O.B. and pilot.
Can I use this clutch or do I HAVE to buy a 5kt one???
(please say I can use it until I burn it up)

Ok, wiring is gooing to be interesting but I know I will get it done.
Thanks for all the input so far guys. 
The high compression motor is definately the way to go!

Besides a TQC tie rod, what other specialty items should I start
looking for??

Rich Andrews