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Re[2]: Speakers on my 90CS Quattro.quattro-digest V4 #3049

I think what he meant was, replace the rear speakers with new after-market or 
(non-amplified) speakers.  Although you may need an separate amp, depending on 
the head unit.  What some people also do is disconnect the rears altogether and 
get a subwoofer.  But, then you may want to change out the fronts for a higher 
quality speaker.    

Dean Ferrera
'93 90CS
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Subject: Re: Speakers on my 90CS Quattro.quattro-digest V4 #3049 
Author:  "Elliott Potter" <epotter@abraxis.com> at idpinternet
Date:    11/12/98 9:59 PM

> >My '93 90CS Quattro has a CD receiver (Alpine) installed.  Makes "Pop" 
> turned on.
> >I heard there is a Ampifier inside the speaker -Does anyone knew how to 
> it?
> Yes there is an amplifier built into each rear speaker- Easiest solution 
> simply replace rear speakers with new ones.  

NOOOO!  The new speakers will do just the same thing--my dealer replaced 
the rear speakers 3 or 4 times and they all did the same thing.

> Your Stereo may be losing power when key is turned off.   That is a 
feature of 
> the original security system design.  Sorry about the vague nature of 
> follows. I supervised the effort but did not do it (to replace original 
with a 
> Sony Cassette/CD controller changer and make my new stereo remember 
> volume settings etc and  come on when key is turned on and then stay on 
till I 
> take the key out,)  

It shouldn't be; the radio is like in all other Audis so it will turn on 
when the car is off.