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Re: Re[2]: Speakers on my 90CS Quattro.quattro-digest V4 #3049

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998 dean_ferrera@idpump.com wrote:

:|I think what he meant was, replace the rear speakers with new after-market or 
:|(non-amplified) speakers.  Although you may need an separate amp, depending on 
:|the head unit.  What some people also do is disconnect the rears altogether and 
:|get a subwoofer.  But, then you may want to change out the fronts for a higher 
:|quality speaker.    

	again, i cannot recomend these speakers anough!


	no affiliation except as happy customer.  they
	build xovers too, cheep.

 rocky mullin
 '83 ur-q - yamaha rz350 - suzuki ts250 -  chaotic good
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