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really dumb question about my new 4kcsq.

This is a pretty pathetic question, but I really don't know the answer.

My "new" '86 4kcsq has a minor radiator leak, I plan on replacing it in the
near future, but I have been living with it for now. Last night, I go out to
check the level of the fluids in the radiator and was going to top them off
if needed. I open the hood, and where I expect to see a radiator cap, there
is nothing!

How exactly do I add water/antifreeze to the radiator? I know, it's pretty
pathetic that I can't figure this out, but I really didn't see where I could
do it. Unless I add the fluid to the radiator reservoir bottle, but isn't
that for over flow? Please enlighten me on this subject, I feel pretty dumb
right now.

BTW, after cleaning the console window switches, I got 3 of the windows to
work (although one will go down, but not back up, at least not right away).
The 4th window will probably need a new regulator, but that can wait. I also
got the new bulbs to illumintate my instrament panel, I can now see my
speedometer at night. I may try the odometer this weekend.

Matt Daniels
'93 90S
'86 4kcsq