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Re: HELP!! 4kq trunk won't open

You can pull one or both speakers and use lots of sockets and a
flashlight to unbolt the lock mechanism I think.  Did this once on a
1980 5k.  Whatta pain! Two 10mm bolts.

Daniel Jones wrote:
> Well I put the new daily driver on the road yesterday,  tonight i went to
> open the trunk and nothing.  No big deal, turn key clockwise to 2:00
> position figuring a problem with the central locks.  Now a problem still
> nothing.  If I turn the key to any of the 3 positions there is no
> resistance when pushing in.  Either the release rod has popped off,  or the
> lock assy. is f*&cked.  Question is has anyone ever had to "break" into the
> trunk of a 84 4000 quattro?  I can't go through the back seat,  the fuel
> tank is in the way.  Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
> TIA    Daniel Jones 84 4ksq (Well sealed)

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT