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auot up/down power windows

An update.

My goals:

one touch up and down for both windows in my Coupe.
the windows should work when ignition is on and/or driver's door is
unlocked (ie all the time except when I am outside the car with the
doors locked) - I will do this with a relay and a power lock switch.

So far:

I have obtained a pair of control units from approx. 1990 model 90's. 
Unfortunately on the bench using a battery charger as a power supply
they only seem to do the one touch feature in one direction (down,
probably).  They are designed to stay functional from when the engine is
turned on until the driver's door is opened.  They also, both, *always*
open all the way no matter how long I activate the switch - I want to be
able to partly move the window by holding the switch down, or open/close
it all the way by just tpaping the switch(es).  Hmmm.

these are both part # 443 959 257 A, position 15&16 in the aux relay
panel. (10 pins total, double space relay)  One was made in 12/87 and
the other 2/88, if that is what the little stamps on them mean.

Some feedback I have received:

the '91 90 should have the up & down feature.

one lister says the second direction (up?) only works when the engine is

Back to the Future:

If someone wanted to add one of these to a car it would be fairly easy,
if they were happy with the functions as described.  Essentially they
are inserted in the wiring ahead of the window switch in question, and
hooked up to one or both "door open" switches.

I still must try using them with a running car as the power supply.

If they would do the one tap vs. hold down the way I want, I could
always use four to get the full functioning I want - two on each switch,
one set up for rasing, one for lowering.  But this seems a bit kludgey,
I would prefer to use control units that "do it all".

If anyone has the part number on the relay in a car that does exactly
what I describe I want (for one window) I would love to know it, along
with the year & model of car.

PS, It is likely that auto functions that close the roof and windows
when the car is locked won't provide what I need.

Thank you for your attention...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT