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5000T parting out?

Hello all.....
I have located a 5kt with a resoncable price but was debating fix 
a few minor problems (sunroof, ecu) and sell it or part it out and keep
the motot for a turbo conversion. 

Everyone has been telling me to stay away from anything pre 84 so, this '85
would be ideal. 

The car has DOCUMENTED '82,000 miles and the exterior/interior show it
it is the cleanest '80's i've seen has been garaged and maintained well.

Pros, no green gold leaks, new Cylinder head ( was overheated), New after 
run pump, Nice clean straight car to part out. 
Cons.... automatic.. and sunroof needs work, supposedly need an ecu 
But I have located one used cheap per listmember.

Ok, I figured I could part it out and at least recoupe a little of the money.
Body, straight and clean, all panels line up, no body work, two or three 
paint chips in the hood. nothing massive. excellent condition interior
chocolate brown with power seats, no seat heaters that I saw though.
BTW, the car is gold

Basically what I want to know is how many people need things such as 
windows regulators, p/s pumps, CV, 5,112 rims, body panels, interior,
complete (including door panels) etc.

If I get enough responses I will opt for the car and give the q-listers
some good prices. Such as :
complete interior (no rips, burns, no worn out bolsters) $125 
P/s Pump no leaks $45 
P.s Rack, no leaks, $70, 
Cv axles $25 each, Auto Trans unit may already be spoken for...
Aux radiator, $35
Fuel Pump $45
Window regulators including motors $50.00 each
Any body panel that un-bolts (fenders, hood, trunk, doors) $30 each
Rims with tires (rims in good shape, no curb burns or bends) $200
Front Subframe $50
Control Arms $30 each
Brake Calipers $50 each

If you think my pricing is way too high let me know but I think it is more 
than fair. I will not ship anything or sell any part that I would
not want to put on my car. So drop me aline on what you are interested in
and I will let you know as soon as the car is mine (Thursday) I think this 
weekend is trip weekend ( car that is). Of course buyer pays shipping
and I would prefer money orders over checks. especially for anything over $50.
BTW, I am located in the D/FW area.

Rich Andrews