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RE 205/60/14 or OEM size 195/60/14 on 4k?

> Are there any 4k drivers who are still using the stock 14" rims that
>tried using 205/60/14 tires rather than OEM size 195/60/14  ?  If so,
or not,
>any comments would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking  at all-season
>performance tires, and do not want to spend the extra cash on plus size
>until next spring. And, when I do that I will still want the 14's
around for
>non-summer driving.

    Well, what you would want is a 205/55/14.    If you live in the
south go for it but if you live up north and May encounter snow then I
would stick with stock size and put like a D-60 tire on it.  something
that is decent but can go through the snow and rain with grace.  Or at
least go through it.
    THEN, spend the money on 15's or 16's in the summer.  I always look
forward to ditching the snow tires and putting the 15's back on.  L8R