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Re: Wheels for CQ, again, long

I used 17X8 TSW HockR's... I beleive the offset was +42, but since it wasn't
actually embossed on the wheel, I can't be certain...
I fit a 235/40-17 tire under there... I didn't come that close to the fender,
but clearance with the upper tie rod was _close_! The tire fit fine and I had
no rubbing...

Here is what I know of the tecnomagnesio wheels: look awesome, magnesium, so
they are super light, but they will crack and break on a hard hit whereas an
aluminum rim would bend... also, from what I have heard, they cost a pretty
penny... The only distributor I know of is Tony Ricci from Performance
Engineered Systems... http://www.a4.org/guide/pes.html

As far as custom wheels, the best you can get (imo) are hre
(http://www.hrewheels.com) or Fikse (http://www.fikse.com) but they are quite

My suggestion would be Compomotive MOs. http://www.usacomp.com/Competition.htm
I just ordered an 18X8 set for the Cossie (6 spoke for 18", 5 spoke for
everything smaller)1. They are aluminum, but they are built from a special
alloy for rallying and are incrediblly strong. They are also relatively
inexpensive.(I think low $200s for 16X8) Another thing to note is that they
custom offset and drill each set of wheels. The 16" wheels should be able to
clear the brakes (rally cars use 13" brakes for gravel, utilizing these same
wheels) but you should contact them for your specific upgrade plans.

Hope this helps,

Ramana Lagemann

Brandon Hull wrote:

> Sorry to pile on this oldest of all possible threads, but I need some advice
> on wheel sizes for the ersatz S2.  ('91 Coupe Quattro)
> My situation is as follows.  After lot's of research and debate, I'm going
> to stick with my stock hubs.  Every other alternative leads down paths too
> expensive to pursue.  However, I'm going to install my Porsche/Brembo
> calipers up front, so I need lots of spoke clearance.  Most off the shelf
> wheels won't work.  Harrison Blackwood reports needing spacers to clear his
> brembos using BBSs.  TSW hock or blade reportedly fit, as well as some
> Ronals.  However, I just don't like the patterns aesthetically.  So I'm
> exploring special build wheels, and have the following questions:
> 1) what size?  I'm going with 16" rims since I live and drive in real world
> NJ.  But what width should I get?  I believe the list consensus is that 225s
> are about the widest tire that will work.  So 8" rims? or 7.5"?  I'd like to
> mount snows in winter...
> 2) what offset?  The stock offset is 37mm.  Will subtracting a few mm of
> offset (moving the tires outwards) buy me any extra room?  (eg, do clearance
> problems, when they occur, happen first on the outer or inner fender?)
> Otherwise I'd just as soon not tamper with the factory geometry.
> 3) Has anyone had any experience with Tecnomagnesio wheels?  They look
> fantastic by the specs:  Very light, well finished, and the design is
> perfect for big brakes.  However, when I do a web search, I find only two
> substantive results:  MiM/Speedline has bought the brand name; and in
> Australia, the sanctioning racing body has banned them for cracking.  Not
> encouraging.
> 4) Has anyone had experience with Forgelines?  Not as good looking, but also
> very light, likely very strong since they're forged, and a great spoke
> design for brakes.  But it appears to be a small company, and I don't want
> to ruin one wheel a year from now and find the company not around any more.
> Thanks,
> Brandon Hull
> '91 ersatz S2