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Re: Wheels for CQ, again, long

>Sorry to pile on this oldest of all possible threads, but I need some advice
>on wheel sizes for the ersatz S2.  ('91 Coupe Quattro)

Leafing through the '98 D&W catalogue- 1000 pages of aftermarket car stuff
and semi-nude ladies...

If you keep it to 7x15, a good choice would be the D&W Milano IV/V.
Attractive 5-spoke design, almost looks like the stock A4 wheels. ET35,
4-bolt or ET37, 5-bolt. Nice, simple, clean design.

If you like the looks of the wheels on the TT, my choice would be Toora
T720, even a recommended fitment for the S2. Con: 5-bolt. Pro: nice flat
6-spoke design, in 7.5x16 ET35. In fact one of the best-looking wheels
available IMO.

Another nice, inconspicuous wheel which is very well-made is the OZ
Polaris. Once again, 5-bolt. Neat fives-spoke wheel that looks stock.
Available in 7.5x16, ET35.

TSW Imola or Avus (don't know which one) would fit, too- and there's one
which looks like an oversized Ronal R8. Not a bad choice for your car, even
recommended fitment.

Lastly, I think RH makes a Porsche Cup replica, looking much like the
wheels on the RS2 Avant. That'd be pretty nice.

Willing to provide pictures.

My suggestion would be to go for wheels that are quite simple in design,
and don't distract from the car's shape. These wheels also don't 'date' so
quickly. The Ronal R8s still look quite modern, although their
contemporaries from Centra for instance look horrible.

HTH, YMMV etc...


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