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Re: 80Q/NG Advancing the timing

At 03:05 PM 11/16/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Can someone give me information on advancing the timing on a 1988 80
>>Quattro?  I have my Coupe GT JT motor advanced about 12 deg and like the
>>end power.  Does the NG motor behave in the same manner?  I just want to
>>know if I advance it 10-12 degrees with my adjustable timing light,
>>without screwing with the computer, or the duty cycle.
>Unlike the KX/JT motor of the CGT/4Kq, the NG uses an ignition control
>unit that advances or retards the engine timing based on a knock
>sensor.  So, you cannot advance the timing on your 80 like you can
>on your Coupe.  On the plus side, the ignition system should automatically
>advance the timing for you.  If you can hear the engine pinging when
>you first accelerate from a stop, and then it goes away, your ignition
>control system may be retarding the timing (and causing you to lose
>power).  In such a case, you might want to try running a few tanks
>of higher octane gas to see if you recover that power.
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Eric and Brian,

Ned Ritchie has a $249 chip for NG engines that advances the timing.  He
claims about 10% increase in power.  I've had the ignition ecu apart and
there IS a eprom in there (one of my dream projects is to hack the code on
this chip and the fuel computer's as well to go with a light pressure turbo
I'd install in my CGT when I got tired of the 130 horses.)



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