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Re: 5ktqw Low End Power

Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> Todd and I have kicked this one around for a while.  I think the K26 will
> ultimately handle more power, he thinks the K24 will.  Since neither of us

    I think Ultimately the k26 can handle  more.  However, I believe the k26
that is in Audi's vs the k24 Audi units, the k24 can handle just as much but
still keep the power coming in much sooner.  In response to original post, I
think it can spin faster, safer.  THat doesnt' always mean more power either

> are turbo experts (esp. me), I have attached part of a Ned Ritchie post.
> ************************************
> You can push them a little for street use, but at a track stick with proven
> sizing with matched computers and other parts.

    Agreed.  However, it is odd that both of us are quoting NEd and yet we
differ in out responses.  ????

> Did you know the 4 numbers after the K?? number
> give the inducer and exducer sizes?

    Yes.  I knew that.  Again, got that from Ned.  Speaking of which.  have you
ever ridden in "THe Beast"?  What a ride.  I rode around in that for a while
with him and what is really amazing is that at 90 mph, it feels just like a
"Normal" chipped 5ktq at 50.  Or maybe like a stock 5ktq in 1st gear.  It didn't
seem to car how fast you were going, just kept on going.  ANd the "ONE" time he
punched it in first (wise to prolong the life of CV joints and Clutch) my hat
flew off and hit the rear window.  Wow.  It was over in about 1 second or less
though because then he had to shift.

> 300 hp K26 2664 CA  6.95 (5000/200 stock)
> 265 hp K24 2470 GGA (the stock one)[I push to 277]
> 285 hp K24 2670 GGA (an early prototype)
> 300 hp K24 2672 GGC (here starts the RS2 family)
> 310 hp K24 2672 GGC
> 320 hp K24 2672 GGC
> 350 hp K24 2672 GGA 10.11 (S2 Rally)
> 410 hp K26 3072 GD
> ??? hp K26 3270 GXA (Not very efficient)
> 450 hp K26 3472 HD
> ??? hp K27 3470 MNA 9.11 (Pikes Peak)
> ***************************
> After reading this, I was convinced the K26 was a "larger" turbo.  His chart
> tells me you can squeeze more power from a stock K26 on a 10vt than a stock
> K24 on a 20vt.

    THis is contrary to everything he has told me.  I dont have a chart like
this but he firmly tells me every time we talk that the k24 can do more.  He
says the stock turbo in 5ktq (k26) is only good for about 230 - 250 hp  MAX.
THe k24 in 20v will do 275 fine.  Anyhow, the max power is close either way but
the spool up of k24 makes more power available.

> That being said, I believe that a K24 is a great addition to
> a pre-Mac-14 turbo running less than 2.0 bar.  Based on help from Scott J.,
> I am going to try a single pass IC first.  He thinks that this may negate
> the need for a K24 turbo, as I may be happy with the spool-up of the K26
> afterword.  I think Gross Scruggs is in the process of doing this, so if he

    I have not seen this on a 5ktq but on the UR-Q the IC makes a small
difference but the k24 made a huge difference.

> gets his done first, maybe we can get a report.  If the single pass IC
> doesn't get it, I'm thinking K24, or if I go to 2.0 bar, RS2
> turbo($$$ouch$$$).

    THe spool up on RS2 isn't much better than k26.  It is a little better but
for 2.0 bar I would stick with k24.  That is what Ned and a few others
Recomended to us.  Dont bother with RS2 unless 2.2 or above.   Also, you can get
the Audi Sport Tuned k24. THat is they way My friend Adam will go I think.
    I would like to hear a report on the IC change though.  IF you run 2.0 bar,
this is highly recomended anyhow.
`    Todd